Design I Syllabus

Design I Projects

  1. Photoshop and design exercises
  2. Graduation and Academic Awards Program covers
  3. Logo design
  4. Package Design
  5. Relief Print
  6. Advertisement
  7. Clock Design
  8. Matisse Magic painting
  9. Portfolio and Resume
  10. Project of Choice
Supply List
Pencil, eraser, ultra fine point sharpie, colored pencil set, clock works, Total = $8.00

  1. A design of shapes and lines that emphasizes focal point, due end of first week
  2. Sketch 3 logos from packages you have at home, due end of 2nd week
  3. Sketch a product package at home that you think is a great design, due end of 3rd week
  4. Homework of choice, due end of 4th week