8th & 9th grade: If you have looked through the syllabus under the rules and expectations you don't need to go any further.  If you have not this is a repeat of what is in the syllabus.
You are expected to check your google classroom at least once during the day either at school or at home. There could be something posted there, this is the only way I'm able to get a hold of you.
In accordance to NASPE you are required to change for  this class. Students that have PE with me will have it either 1st or 2nd block. You need to make sure that you have clothing that you are able to move in.  (T-shirt, shorts, yoga pants, sweatpants). T-shirts must have sleeves, and shorts must be at least mid-thigh length. You must also have tennis shoes, or shoes that will support your feet and ankles.  If you forget your attire for the day you will be more than welcome to borrow any extra clothing. Last but not least make sure you have warm clothing in your locker.  We may go out and it could be wet or a bit on the cooler side.
       Elementary students:
 You are required to have tennis shoes for my class. We will be running, skipping and jumping.  We need to make sure you have the proper shoes so you don't get hurt.  I do have a limited number of shoes that kids can borrow for class, however I don't have shoes for everyone.  

Contact: Carol Weerts