Rules and Expectations
1) Come to class changed and ready to go
2) Attitude is everything so come in with a positive one. It will make this class more enjoyable
3) To understand that everyone has a different body frame and being physical fit doesn’t always mean you have to fit the social norm
4) Remember that any activity is better than no activity.
5) If chrome books are needed please have them fully charged.

The links below contain your class syllabus, which include all the rules and expectations of my class.
8-1 This is your syllabus with your Google classroom invite

8-2 This is your syllabus with your Google classroom invite

Below 8th grade is the link to the 8th grade Health/PE Buccapp- site. This site when it is updated will contain a calendar of daily activities, which sections have class, and all study guides for test.  Just always check the classroom in class this is not updated.

9th grade here is the syllabus with your google invite

Contact: Carol Weerts