Blue Earth Area ELL Philosophy Statement

Minnesota and Federal laws require that all districts monitor and provide services to all students to make sure they are making progress in their learning. English language learning services are to provide language instruction that will help the English language learners participate meaningfully in educational programs and to succeed socially and academically in all of their classes.

The ELL Program at BEA does not take students out of their classroom on a regular basis. We believe it is critical for all students to be in the classroom during as much of the instruction time as possible. BEA offers a variety of ELL services. Our goal is to serve the specific needs of the students and give them the help they need to be successful in their classroom work. Sometimes an ELL teacher or an assistant goes into the classrooms to work with the teachers and assist the students. Occasionally students receive some special intervention help with a specific need for a certain period of time. In a variety of ways, the ELL Teacher uses content to teach language skills and reinforces content instruction in the classrooms.

The goal is for ELL students to be making progress in learning English so they can be proficient at their grade level in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This will help them better access their grade level schoolwork.