Art Classes at BEAHS

Art Foundations - the prerequisite Art class at BEAHS. It is two quarters in length. The first and 3rd quarters have the drawing, painting, and critique units. The 2nd and 4th quarters have the ceramics, design, and art history units. Students do not have to take these two quarters in sequence or in the same year, but they are both required before taking advanced art classes such as Drawing I and Ceramic Pottery.

Drawing I - Students will study a variety of drawing techniques and media, critique and art analysis, and will complete a series of drawings for a big final project. This is a good class to start with after Art Foundations. Students are expected to buy some of their own supplies.

Drawing II - Students are allowed more choices of media and technique, so they may focus on what they like the best. They will critique their art work and will complete a self directed project at the end of the class for a final assessment of their skills. Students are expected to buy some of their supplies.

Ceramic Pottery - Students build pottery by hand and may learn to use the potters wheel if they choose. Coil and slab building are the techniques used for hand building. Four art history lessons will familiarize students with important pottery styles. Students are required to pay for their clay to get their projects fired.

Ceramic Sculpture - Students are required to complete 6 complex and well built sculptures based on a variety of modern sculpture styles. The art history study focuses on artists who represent the four styles. Students must pay for their clay to get their projects fired.

Painting I - This class has units in Watercolors and Acrylics. Students learn techniques associated with each media and study famous artists in a variety of important art styles, such as Impressionism. Students are expected to pay for their brushes and other supplies.

Painting II - A class for students who are highly interested in personal expression and can focus on a single art work for an extended period of time. Students are expected to pay for their brushes and other supplies.

Design I & II - If a Graphic Design career interests you, take this class before you graduate. Students learn to use Adobe Photoshop and also create a variety of design projects by hand, such as a relief print. Students are asked to buy some of their own supplies for the class.

Mixed Media - Creativity and unusual art processes are emphasized in this class. Mixed Media involves a combination of at least 3 media in an art work. There are 2D and 3D units in this class. Students will study famous mixed media artists like Robert Rauschenberg.

Contact: Mrs. Wells