Drawing I Syllabus, '12-'13

Drawing I is a popular place to continue art classes after taking Art Foundations. Students will draw with a variety of media such as pencil, pen, conte crayon, pastels and charcoal. Critique studies will be an important part of the class as well.

Drawing Projects and Exercises - Contour line, shading, gesture, value studies in pencil, charcoal, and conte crayon, Still life studies, Pen drawings, Perspective drawings, Figure and Portrait drawings, Image Matrix Series of Drawings - includes a series of 5-7 drawings, sketches, artist statement, and presentation

Homework -

7 at home drawing assignments 1. Still Life Contour Line Drawing - due end of first week. Use only line. No need to shade. 1 page per subject. 2. Drapery Study - due end of 2nd week. Set up a cloth and draw using shading and pencil. 3. Scenery/Outdoors - due end of 3rd week. Draw outside or the view through a window. Draw trees, buildings, sidewalks, streets, whatever you see. Use shading, texture, and detail. 3 Drawings of Your Choice Find pictures online or in magazines that are interesting and complex. Avoid cartoons, symbols, silouettes, and logos. Draw realistically. Use shading and detail. 4. due 4th week 5. due 5th week 6. due 6th week 7. due 7th week

Supply list Felt tip pen, ultra fine point - $1.00 Eraser $.50 2B, HB, and 5B pencils $1.00 Chalk Pastel set $2.50 Sketchbook $3.50 Charcoal Pencil $1.00 Pastel paper $.50 Total = $10.00 Bring from home: notebook, extra pencils & 3 scenery pictures

Contact: Linda Wells