Drawing II Syllabus, '12-'13


This is an advanced level art class for 11-12 graders who have taken Drawing I. Students will complete a series of in depth drawings. 4 Artists will be studied, chosen from a list. In the second half of the quarter, there will be a final project called the Self Directed Project which is a group of drawings that have a related idea or theme. Students will receive behavior points.

Drawing Projects In Various Drawing Media, Techniques, and Subjects
1. Contour line, shading, gesture, & value studies -pencil, conte crayon
2. Analog drawings, Still life studies
3. Non-objective drawings
4. Figure or portrait studies
5. Abstract drawings
6. Artist studies, critique and art analysis essays

Self Directed Project
8. Sketching ideas, Final plans
9. Journal Supply List -
10. Drawings Prices from the Sax Catalog
11. Presentation
12. Artist Statement eraser - $.50
2B, HB, & 5B pencils - $1
4 sheets pastel paper - $2
sketchbook - $3.50
charcoal pencil $1.00

Total price = $8.00
Pastel sets and felt tip pens are optional.

Bring From Home
pencils, notebook, 2 photographs or magazines pictures

Supplies due the 2nd week. Points are given for having supplies on time.
Art room guidelines - Be Prepared, Be Respectful, Help Clean, Work Hard, Follow all school rules regarding things such as: hats, appropriate dress, cell phones, and headsets. Help is available after school or before school most days if needed.

Contact: Linda Wells