Art Foundations Syllabus

ART FOUNDATIONS SYLLABUS ‘12-'13 Art Foundations is the introductory art class at the high school level. It is one semester in length and includes these six units: drawing, painting, ceramics, design, art analysis, and art history. This class must be taken before going on to advanced art classes, although students may elect to take the two quarters in different years.

Quarter 1 & 3 Drawing Unit - Drawing exercises, contour line, shading studies, value studies, perspective, geometric shapes, pen & ink, figure, portraits, pastels Painting Unit - Water colors and acrylics: Color theory exercises, color mixing, painting techniques, scenery paintings, abstract and non-objective paintings Critique Unit - Elements and Principles of Design, Meaning/content, Aesthetics, Critiques and essays

Quarter 2 & 4 Ceramic Unit - Mythological creature, 2 coil vessels, slab sculpture Design Unit - Mixed media project, relief print, Photoshop collage, package design, scratch board Art History Unit - Art History: Ancient cultures, Hopi culture, Suprematism, Photomontage, Pop Art, Powerpoint presentations, tests and essays, critiques

Classroom Guidelines: Be prepared & respectful, help clean, avoid excessive talking, work at your assigned seat.

Qt. 2 & 4 CLAY UNIT Information - Guidelines for handling clay 1) Handle clay carefully, avoid clay throwing, making dust and messes, keep clay on the table while working 2) Recycle and store all left over clay properly, put in bags or scrap buckets 3) Pick up only your own projects 4) Handle greenware with extreme care 5) Help clean everyday, take turns mopping, sweeping, doing misc. chores 6) Place your projects on your shelf when class is done Students who don't follow the rules will lose clay privileges and will finish out the quarter doing drawings instead. Students are asked to pay $7 for their clay projects. If this is not done, projects are not fired, but there is no grade deduction.

IT IS IMPORTANT FOR STUDENTS TO FOLLOW ALL SCHOOL RULES CONCERNING CELL PHONES, DRESS CODE, FOOD, BEVERAGES, BACKPACKS - 6 passes per quarter are allowed, for students in good standing, always ask before leaving, sign out 1st, 4 minute time limit. The art room is open before & after school if you need to catch up. You can come in to work and get extra help if you ask.

Supply List for Art Foundations, Due Date:Beginning of the 2nd week      1. Eraser, 2B, HB and 5B pencils, $1.50       2. Sketch book, 9"X12" $3.50       3. Ultra fine point felt tip pen $1.25 4. 3 Acrylic paint brushes, #2, #6, & large, $6       5. Oil pastel set, $2.75 6. Watercolor paint set $3.00 7. Clay, 12 lb. earthenware, $7.00 8. Painting palette with lid, $1.00 Total = $25.00 These can all be purchased from the art department at a discount price. Extra credit is given for paying on time. Checks preferred - to Blue Earth Area Schools, or put cash in an envelope. Bring from home:  #2 pencils, notebook, 3 outdoor photos for paintings and pastel drawing, 3-5 photos of yourself, friends and/or family members, to be scanned or on a zip drive, Paint shirt or apron is highly recommended for the painting unit.

Extra Credit - Your choice of one of the following: Car Washing Sponge, Comet, Package of pencils, Scotch Brite pads, Kleenix

Drawing Homework Art Foundations, Draw in your sketch book, use pencil, write your name & the homework # on back, worth 10 pts. each.
1. Contour Line Drawing, due End of 1st week - Concentrate on shape and detail, avoid shading. Draw a room in your house - start with the corner, ceiling line, or floor line. Outline the room in perspective. Then fill in with objects, windows, furniture, etc. Be neat. Darken lines.
2. Drawing w/ Texture & Detail, due end of 2nd week, People or Animals around your house that are relaxing and not moving too much. Outline first, then add the textures and detail.
3. Drawing w/ shading & Detail, due end of 3rd Week, Trees/plants/flowers/objects inside or outside your home, outline first, then shade and add details. Texture can be added if needed.
4. Symbolic Drawing, Due end of 4th week, Pictogram Story - write a story, 3-4 sentences, then depict it with symbols. Take one scene from the story and draw it out in a simple contour line style. A handout with Native American pictograms is available that you can use. I’ll show you examples. You can add your own symbols.
5., 6., &7. Two subject of your Choice Drawings, Due end of 5th week & 6th week, Drawings that interest you. Find a picture in a magazine or book or draw something from life. Avoid cartoons, silouettes, or logos. Draw realistically. Use contour line and then add shading and value.

Contact: Mrs. Wells