Supplies for Art Foundations

Art Foundations Supply List '12-'13 

6B pencil .50
HB pencil .50 
eraser .50 
Ticonderoga pencil .25 
blending stump .25 
sm. pencil sharpener .25 
sketchbook 3.50 
felt tip pen, ultra fine 1.25 
oil pastel set 3.00 
watercolor set 3.00 
acrylic brushes 3.50
paint palette 1.50
clay 7.00 
Total = $25.00 

Also bring a notebook, a paint shirt, and 3 scenery pictures. 
We would prefer you pay by check, make them out to Blue Earth Area Schools. 
If you pay by cash, please put the money in an envelope with your name on it. 

Students who buy their supplies by the start of the second week of the quarter will get extra credit! 

If you are in the class for only the first quarter, deduct the $7 fee for clay. 

If you have any of these items at home, you can bring them in, and then purchase only what you need. All of these items are ordered from the Sax Catalog for a school discount. 
Most prices are less expensive than art stores like Hobby Lobby. Felt tip pens and sketchbooks can be purchased at Wal-Mart for about the same price. 

If you can't afford to buy these supplies, we usually have used supplies that you can borrow. However, the clay projects will not be fired. There is no grade deduction. 

If there are any questions, contact Mrs. Wells at - - or call the school at 526-3201. 

Students are also asked to bring: #2 pencils, paint shirt, notebook, 3-5 photos of family and friends for scanning, 2-3 scenery photos for paintings. All photos will be returned.

Contact: Mrs. Wells