Blue Earth Area empowers students to reach their full potential.  Excellence for All!

Blue Earth Area is truly an excellent school district.  Our 250 staff members are dedicated to working hard each day to ensure that over 1300 E-12 students reach their full potential.

We are proud of the safe, healthy, and personal learning environment that we create for our students.  We are also proud of our use of technology as an integrated tool for learning, and this is supported through our 1:1 digital learning program.  We provide each student in grades K-2 with an iPad mini and each student in grades 3-12 with a Chromebook.  We provide many opportunities for our students to reach their full potential through a wide array of course offerings along with many opportunities in the arts, including band, choir, and orchestra.

If you have any questions about Blue Earth Area Schools, please contact any of our schools or our district office.

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Safe

Be Excellent!

Contact: Dr. Evan Gough