Welcome to BEAHS

A Note From Mr. Schneider

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year.  We are excited for the new school year because each year brings about new opportunities for all of us.  We have new staff members (teachers Paul Nienaber, Joe Strukel, & Patti Strukel along with paraprofessional Molly Gray).  

Each year, we welcome one class to our building except for last year when we consolidated the 8th grade into the high school.  All things considered, that transition was remarkably smooth.  We did offer a special orientation for both the 8th graders again this year to decrease the anxiety of the new building and environment and so the teachers could spend more time getting to know the students.  

All of us at Blue Earth Area High School understand that the primary focus of our school is to provide the best education possible for each student.   To help us in our decisions and ensure that all students receive access to a quality education, it is necessary to develop guidelines and procedures for situations.  In order to assist students, staff and parents a handbook outlines some of the most vital and frequent situations that arise.  The handbook is designed to provide guidance to help prepare students to become contributing members of society. It is not intended to cover all situations nor is it meant to create excessive rigidity.  
High school can definitely be a fun and enjoyable time in life.  But it can be very easy to lose focus throughout these years and forget the main reason students are in school – to get a great education.  At BEAHS we take pride in offering many different courses and activities that are great opportunities for students to get a well-rounded education.  With some academic focus and a great attitude, students should be able to “go anywhere from here.” Remember, the education you receive can be a gateway to much greater things and allows you to "be all you can be."  If students fully engage in this educational opportunity and process, students will likely find something that is perfect for you. But, nothing can or will replace hard work and dedication. 
The Blue Earth Area School District is rich with tradition especially in academics.  The staff and our communities strive to provide the best education possible for each and every student.  The success of our school district is a direct reflection of the kind of students that attend BEAHS.  Therefore, we suggest, “study hard and learn well”. 

Getting a quality education is especially important in this era of “high-stakes” testing because people want accountability and results.  But make no mistake; academics are not your only opportunity at BEAHS.  Along with your studies, we also encourage you to become involved in the wide variety of co-curricular activities offered at BEAHS.  There is a vast array of opportunities at BEAHS.  Students at Blue Earth Area Schools will be treated as individuals, not just as athletes or scholars.  It’s all part of the aura that we call - “Buccaneer Pride”. 

Feel free to contact me by phone at (507) 526-3201 or by email at rschneider@blueearth.k12.mn.us with any questions, concerns or comments.  We look forward to working with all students and families here at BEAHS and hope our assistance will be beneficial along this educational journey. 

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. 
- William Butler Yeats

Contact: Rich Schneider